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Parashat Shemot – Family or Friend


“This student is taking away precious time; you’ve got an important person waiting in the lobby,” the secretary emailed the Rabbi.

“When I’m speaking with someone, nothing else exists. Right now, this student is the most important person in the world. Period,” the Rabbi replied.

Freeing ourselves from being judgmental. Stripping away the subjective layers that we create within society, empowers us to fully engage and experience the awesome energy we all possess.

This is especially so with Family. It doesn’t matter whether my brother is a doctor, lawyer, or janitor – he’s my brother. Period.

We all share the same forefathers: Abraham Issac and Jacob! We are family!

“To love a fellow Jew just the same as you is the basis of our holy Torah; he may be far from me across the widest sea, and still I’ll always love him just the same…”

That is how we need to educate our kids. No matter what we do, we are family. Viewing another Jew as family helps impress our kids that Judaism is a family thing; it’s not a once a week, or a once a year thing – it’s our identity!

Unleash that brotherly perspective and transform your life!

Wishing you and your family a Shabat Shalom,

Rabbi Mendy