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Being Jewish is at the core of the Moise Safra Center. It is not simply an identity into which we are born; it is a proud heritage to cherish. The Center fosters Jewish values and promotes an unremitting love of Israel. Tzedaka and Chesed are integral parts of our mission. Together, we strengthen ourselves and the Jewish people.

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At the Moise Safra Center, community means past, present, and future. Tradition and culture. Belonging and giving. A safe, welcoming, and nurturing haven. We will grow together in the coming years, as we celebrate family milestones, attend and cheer at community sports events, gather at lectures and programs, and volunteer for those less fortunate. Jewish values, philosophies, Hebrew, and Torah learning will be woven throughout our programming and special events. Sephardim and Ashkenazim, who have traditionally flourished in their own spaces, will come together, initiating a fresh, innovative, and contemporary conversation that will stretch and strengthen us. This dialogue imparts wisdom, enriches our lives, nurtures relationships, and cultivates a community unmatched in New York City.