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Sale of Hametz

I hereby appoint Rabbi Haim Shaul and/or Rabbi Mendy Weitman as my agent and I authorize him to sell
all of the Hametz in my domain for the Passover holiday of year 2024.

1. You must list all addresses for which you wish to sell Hametz (i.e. Home, Work, Summer residence, etc).
2. Although you have sold your Hames, you must still perform Bedikat Hametz and say Kal Hamira.
3. Your Hametz will not be literally “sold” until our Rabbis’ actually performs the “sale” transaction with the designated non-Jewish purchaser.
4. All Hametz should be kept in the locations listed above during the entire Passover Holiday from the moment of sale until the moment of repurchase.
5. You must keep in mind that during the Passover Holiday (from the moment of sale until the moment of repurchase), the Hametz actually belongs to the non-Jew with whom the Rabbi performs the sale.
6. Please allow 30 minutes from the time the Passover holiday finishes for the Rabbi to repurchase the Hametz.
7. If you are going on vacation and would like to sell your Hametz, please see the Rabbi in person.

Timing of the Sale can be affected by different time zones. If you are traveling to a different time zone please contact either Rabbi Haim Shaul or Rabbi Mendy Weitman.

Sale of Hametz Form 2024