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Shabbat Va’yikrah – Impossible. It Happened!


“Have you heard about the train?!” was the question of the day. “They say it moves thousands of miles faster than any horse and buggy!”

Eager to check it out for themselves, a group of villagers made their way to the new tracks on the outskirts of town to watch the train pass through.

They inspected the train curiously as it whizzed by, amazed at its mysterious way of traveling.

“So, how was it?” another villager asks upon their return.

“Mind-boggling!” they cry, “we simply couldn’t figure out where they hide the horse that pulls that thing!”

 It’s simply impossible, we think. And then, it happens.

Our usual response is: “Oh, things happen. It’s a fluke!” We try to find the horse when we’re dealing with a train.

Granted, it’s difficult to digest a miracle. It simply doesn’t make sense to us. And that’s ok. But, the point is miracles happen.

 Now, you may be thinking, “Who cares? What meaning does a miracle carry for me, or for the world at large?” 

 Ah, because it is through a miracle that we learn how purposeful nature is. It is the miracle that teaches us, that the ordinary does not happen by accident. 

Miracles rouse us from our day-to-day routine, opening up a new window to life and its nuances. Miracles are God’s way of saying that we all have a purpose – nothing is by chance. Come to think of it. We all have “small coincidences”. Unexpected outcomes.

How beautiful it is to allow life to shine through the lenses of those miracles!

Wishing you a Shabat Shalom, 

Rabbi Mendy