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Parashat Ki Tavo – Deepest Gift


“Sorry, we refuse your offer”, the men replied.

Surprised, the owner of the farm wondered: “Here I am, offering you double pay while relieving you of the toil and sweat that is associated with your work. You will simply take your tools into the office and pretend to be seeding the farm! Why are you rejecting this offer?”

The workers explained: “We are happy working. We love the sweat and toil because we know there is a purpose! Without a purpose we are like a body without a soul, we must refuse your offer.”

Rewarding is nice. But, deserving a reward is what counts. We crave the knowledge that we make a difference and that our work is appreciated.

Maimonides writes that the deepest gift one can give is the gift of a job. The gift of recognition. Deserving the reward.

Think about the times we shy away from gifts when we don’t want to feel indebted. Of course, it’s a great feeling to see the care and love showered upon us, but it’s incomparable to the feeling of recognition and purpose as a result of our work!

The gift of a job touches upon the deepest sentiments in our human condition – our uniqueness. No two fingerprints are alike, every single one of us has something extraordinary to offer. Validating someone’s contribution is the deepest expression of love we can demonstrate!

We are always looking for ways to show appreciation to a coworker, friend, or family. Let’s be authentic. Think of what that individual has to offer and verbalize it to them, tell them how they make a difference!

It’s that simple!

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Mendy