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Parashat Ki Tavo


Our sages state that the Mitzvah of giving the first fruits to the Cohen in the Temple, which our Parashah opens with,was the purpose of creation.

How so?

The offering of the first ripened fruits is the first demonstration of the culmination of human creation and working the land in order to bring its fruit to the sanctuary as an offering of gratitude to G-d and as an indication of appreciation for G-d’s bounty. It is the manifestation of how man transforms physical objects into items of sanctity, and that is the Divine Will, where man is to achieve spiritual goals through physical acts, rather than through pure meditation or study.

The Talmud states, the reason that the study of Torah is so great is because it results in action. A totally intellectual Torah, which is not translated into deed, may appear to some to be a very desirable and inviting concept, but it is not the will of G-d.

The Torah was created to be implemented in our daily lives, for that is the ultimate wish of the Creator. When we work the land, transact business, relate to one another, honor our parents, implement justice in our society, it is then and only then, that we achieve the ultimate fulfillment of the Divine Will, for which the world was created.


Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Shaul