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May 23, 2024

Book Club: We Must Not Think of Ourselve

"Inspired by a little-known piece of history—the underground group that kept an archive to ensure that the lives of Jewish occupants of the Warsaw Ghetto in World War II were not lost to history—this is a heart-wrenching novel of love and defiance that People calls ""gripping, emotional, and against all odds, hopeful."" New York Times bestselling author Lauren Grodstein draws readers into the lives of people living on the edge inspired by the testimony-gathering project with the code name Oneg Shabbat, . Told with immediacy and heart, We Must Not Think of Ourselves is a piercing story of love, determination, and sacrifice for the many fans of literary World War II fiction such as Kristin Harmel’s The Book of Lost Names and Lauren Fox’s Send for Me. Join us for lunch as we share our thoughts and reflections on We Must Not Think of Ourselves and enjoy a virtual Q&A with author, Lauren Grodstein."