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Pittsburgh and #ShowUpForShabbat


It is unfortunate that we, as a people, have a long-standing know-how on dealing with tragedy and hatred. We do not succumb or hide. Instead, we rise even stronger. The millennial Jewish response is to fight darkness and evil with light and goodness.

Our hearts are broken by the heinous attack on our brothers and sisters in Pittsburgh. We mourn the 11 sacred souls – Kedoshim – who were so cruelly torn from our midst. And we pray to G-d to provide strength and comfort to their families. This deep sorrow is shared by Jews all over the world.

We continue to pray for the complete and speedy healing of the survivors and of the entire Pittsburgh community.

We owe a debt to these “Kedoshim” who died during the Shabbat prayer as well as a response to the anti-Semites on duty.

This week LET’S PACK the Synagogues around the world! We must proudly attend our synagogues showing the world that they are full of vibration, love and life.  Together, we will pray tribute to the victims of Pittsburgh.