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Chanukah Message


A student once approached his wise teacher and expressed disappointment over the many areas in his life that weren’t as he wanted or hoped them to be.

Responded his teacher, “You speak at length about that which you need. What about that which you are needed for?”

What a powerful message!

True, we all have things that we feel we lack, but instead of focusing on how much we need, let’s focus on what we are needed for! This perspective enlivens rather than dampens our spirits, enabling us to live out our potential with enthusiasm and joy.


Indeed, this is the meaning of the Talmudic saying, “The entire world was created for me” – that every individual has been charged with a unique mission and the universe awaits the fulfillment of each one.

And though our worries, wants and needs may threaten to drown us like floodwaters, they can never extinguish the light within our soul – that driving purpose for which we were created.

This is the message of Chanukah: the light burns on, the flame within every individual is inextinguishable. Don’t allow your needs to make you feel needy, rather remember that the world desperately needs your flame. Yes, we need you!


Wishing you and your family a very Happy Chanukah!

Rabbi Mendy