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Who is in Control?


A wise teacher was once discussing with his students the concept of influencing one’s behavior.

“The human being is capable of controlling his emotions and actions,” he explained, ” it simply begins with what one allows into his head: what you think about, you’ll speak about, and will eventually act upon.”

The students countered his claim: “But we can’t actually control our thoughts – they just knock on our door without permission! It’s simply not up to us!”

Answered the teacher, “True, you cannot control who knocks, but you can indeed control who enters. Not every stranger is invited in…”

This concept is well illustrated with the click ads we have today. Think about it: billions of dollars are invested to make an ad attractive, target the right market and have it pop up with the right search words – yet everything depends on our decision to click on it. Yes, the marketing companies are trying hard to influence us, but the final decision is ours.

This is the meaning of “free choice”: we have an array of options, but ultimately, the choice to open the door to whatever power of influence lies before us, is solely our own.

Abstract as it may seem, that which influences our behavior actually begins in the world of thought. We tend to pay little attention to our seemingly spontaneous musings, but in truth, the invitation we give to your thoughts is what eventually give birth to our actions.

Consider this: Facebook, Google, and Apple all started out as just a thought!

I believe that we ought to give more value to our thoughts. Try this exercise for yourself: know someone going through a hard time? Take three minutes to think about how you can help. Call a mutual friend and brainstorm together – a caring through is a big deal!

Every achievement, big or small, is first born in the mind. Even if you can’t possibly imagine an end product, don’t devalue those powerful brainwaves. Everything begins with a thought!

Rabbi Mendy