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What Does She Want?


A professional drummer was considering the perfect 25th anniversary gift for his wife. He finally settles on something really special, and as he presents the beautifully wrapped box, says ” my dear, just know that is the best make on the market — it’s truly exclusive!”

Excitedly, she opens the box to reveal the latest drum set…

It’s a story about a husband whose gift reflected his wants rather than his wife’s, but unfortunately, it also typifies a rampant attitude in our society that begs, “What’s in it for me?”

Sometimes we are so obsessed with ourselves that we find it difficult to stop and genuinely think about what someone else wants or needs.

Indeed, this is also critical with regards to G-d wants and needs.

The emotional individual says, “G-d wants your heart;” the intellectual, “G-d wants a service of the mind;” the go-getter, “G-d wants your deeds.” Indeed, we often give based on our estimation of G-d.

So, we are really thinking about Him, or are we simply living out our own ideals and values?

To be sure, it takes some listening to focus on His wants as opposed to ours. And of course, it you’re a drummer, it may feel better to give drums to flowers. But let’s be honest to His wishes.

So when G-d says he likes Mitzvot, a simple action that might not seem significant to us, if it truly His want that we seek to satisfy, then that is precisely where we out to begin. Emotion and intention are of essence, too, but let’s not delay meeting G-d’s wants until we’ve garnered adequate appreciation.

After all its “his want” not ours.

Rabbi Mendy