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Dog of the Hunter


In times gone by, when men would hunt for bear in the wild, they would first send a dog as “bait.” The dog’s presence would set off a chase with the bear, thus facilitating the hunter in isolating the bear and shooting him.

A thought to ponder: who really caught the bear? The hunter, or the dog?

Seems the hunter had to strategize where and when to begin the chase, while the dog had to draw the bear out into the open…

This is, in fact, one of the great questions of life. We all achieve remarkable things, but we cannot deny that teamwork is the key to every success.

This is true in the workforce, when we complement and support one another, and this is true within our selves – for each individual is aware of his limitations, and the need for a greater power to fill the spaces. Yes, we are infinite, but we are blessed to have a partner who is infinite – the Divine coordinator of every success in our lives.

You’ve likely heard people respond to a discussion of plans with phrases like, “G-d willing,” or in answer to one’s current states of affairs, ” Thank G-d.”

Rightly so, for it is ultimately thanks to our higher partner, G-d, that life happens as it does.

Every teamwork ought to be recognized, each contributor acknowledged and appreciated. Let’s verbalize our gratitude with a resounding “Thank G-d!”

Rabbi Mendy