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Are we outdated?


The large clock was the talk of the town: it was flawlessly accurate and kept everyone on schedule. The townspeople had only one problem, the clock was simply too high up. Why crane their neck to have to see the time? 

And so, a town hall decision was made lower to the clock. But suddenly, something strange happened – the clock lost its accuracy! 

You see, once the clock was within reach, instead of adjusting their watches to the clock, people began adjusting the town clock to their own… 

The human being is constantly forced to make adjustments in life. Indeed, if we don’t adjust, we become outdated, we become obsolete. Adjusting is the name of the game.

But adjusting isn’t declaring bankruptcy. It’s not about diluting the goal; it’s about perseverance and focus. Yes, there are and constantly will be new ways to reach a destination – it used to be snail mail, now it’s e-mail. But at the end of the day, the package is sent, the goal is achieved.

So as we make our adjustments in life, let’s remember to keep our eye on the prize. After all, it is focus and perseverance that ensure our adjustments will indeed bring us closer to our goal, rather than make it obsolete!

As Jews, this is of particular importance. Yes, we have adjusted, we have Torah via email! But, we haven’t changed the Torah! If Moses was to come into a Torah class,  he would recognize the Torah! It’s exactly the same one he received at Sinai!

That’s Eternity! We ought to be proud of it!

Rabbi Mendy