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Parashat Ki Tavo – Commitment the Key to Relationship


My recommendation clearly spells it out, “I’m the best salesman in our company”. Why didn’t I get the job?

Because you overlooked the end of the recommendation; “The best salesman, when in the mood”.

Persistence. Sticking it out. Pushing through. These are the core qualities for success!

Relationship are built on commitment. Realizing how even when we are not in the mood, we’re still committed.  

No one is perfect. Every success comes at the heels of a failure. Hey, why call it failure? Call it a step on the road to success!

As we stand before Rosh Hashana and pray for a happy new year, let us fortify our commitment. Mistakes happen. But, when there is a committed relationship we can expect to be forgiven.  

Find one Mitzvah that is difficult for you. Tackle it. Take it head on!

An easy way to digest a new commitment is to take it on slowly. Do it only for the month of the High Holidays. Trick yourself into committing. Small goals turn into bigger goals, eventually turning into a lifestyle and commitment.  

Shabbat shalom,

R. Mendy