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Parashat Vayeilech – Unleash Your Talents


Here is a special anecdote for the High Holidays!

“Mom, why do we have such huge eye lases?” the baby camel asked her mother.
“They protect us from the mighty desert sand storms.” The mother answers.

“…and why do we have split hooves?”
“That’s so we can travel better.” The mother answers.

“So mom, why are we in the Bronx Zoo?”

Talents untouched is like sitting in the zoo. Not recognizing a talent, is imprisoning it. 

The Talmud states: “The world was created for you”. We were all gifted with unique talents. No two fingerprints are alike. No one has the ability to achieve that which is destined for you. 

Now, don’t take this out of proportion. ” Remember where you came from, and where you will end up”. We are part of a larger picture. 

The balance of these two messages are what define a healthy person! 

As we stand during the high holidays season, we need to get out of the zoo. Unleash that unique you. The world is waiting! Don’t wait for the right time. Now IS the time. Reach out to yourself, to a neighbor, friend, or colleague, and inspire them to unleash themselves as well.  Mitzvot!! Together, we can unleash the hidden good embedded in this world.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Mendy