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Parashat Ha’Azinu


“The mighty rock, His deeds are perfect, for all His paths are just.”

This verse is part of the opening lines of the song of Haazinu in which Moshe describes the totality of G-d’s work, the infinite combination of good fortune and failure, joy and sadness, happiness and tragedy, which all fit together.  Though, as humans, we are incapable of understanding how all of the pieces come together to make one harmonious mosaic. 

When we see things that appear to be unjust, we may question Divine wisdom. Moshe himself asked G-D to reveal to him the secret of Divine justice but this request was denied.

Moshe’s devotion to G-D and his loyalty as a shepherd of His people during the forty years of wandering in the desert certainly earned him reward. Yet, he only had one request for himself, to set foot on the soil of the promised land before he died; his only request was denied.

Moshe’s first statement in the song of Haazinu is, “G-D is perfect, just, and fair.” Did Moshe understand why G-D was so unyielding? Obviously not, otherwise he would not have persisted in his efforts to have the decree revoked. Moshe’s statement was one of absolute faith. It was his acceptance of Divine judgment being perfect even though it defied his understanding.

At times we may pray fervently and sincerely for Divine mercy, but we must have faith to accept the will of G-D and that in the end it is perfect, fair, and just.

~ Rabbi Shaul