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Parashat Mishpatim – Develop a Taste For It


Standing on the Brooklyn bridge Josh calls out his last wishes and gets ready to make his final leap…

Suddenly a good Samaritan forcefully holds back Josh and deposits him safely into the hands of law enforcement officials…

“Let him go” shouts the human rights activist.

“Josh is under the influence of… we will let him go after he recovers.  He can then choose how he wishes to live…”

Many mistakenly claim that holding back a desire, or doing something that they currently don’t appreciate, is tantamount to squashing one’s nature. “It’s just not for me”.

Wild untamed plants are called weeds, we need to invest and put the effort in order to unleash our potential.

Although we haven’t developed feelings yet, we must recognize that this is a stage, not our nature. Sometimes we are affected by outside influences. Sometimes we never had a chance to get in touch with ourselves.

Every one of us naturally wants to do a Mitzvah. Even in those moments where we don’t feel like it, we must recognize it is a stage.  Many of us got caught up with life and never had a chance to really pay attention and digest the meaning of a mitzvah. 

Guess what? Doing a Mitzvah will help you acquire a taste for it.

Think of the first time you ate sushi. You tried it out, and slowly developed a new taste!

Do it. Do it. & Do it!  It takes time… but eventually, you will LOVE it! Guaranteed!

Shabbat Shalom  R. Mendy