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Parashat Tzva – Normalcy. What’s That?


We are living in historic times. Painful, but historic.

Times where normalcy has disappeared. Anything we thought was normal or expected is now replaced with uncertainty and the unknown. A lot of needs we had a week ago, are gone. 

We have shattered every fiber of our normal self. The most common word we hear now is “who knows?”. This we hear from experts who are supposed to know. 

It sounds scary. But, it actually can be and has to be liberating. 

The world is not a jungle. Nothing happens by chance. There is a designer. He’s quite creative and we don’t yet appreciate his artwork. But, there has to be something constructive we can take out of this virus story.

Perhaps now is our moment as an individual and as a society to shatter our norms and embrace real change. We now have a historic opportunity to remake ourselves. To pause our day to day life. Literally put EVERYTHING on pause and recalculate. 

The virus has taught us the power of an individual. One person infecting a change can change the world. Never underestimate ourselves. Never underestimate a friend.

Now is the time to start a positive infection

To Infect the world with acts of goodness and kindness.

How many of us have someone in our lives that we have blocked out? How many man-made blockages have we created over the years? Sometimes we even create blockages from certain mitzvahs. 

Now is the time to shatter those norms.

One powerful infectious act. One powerful mitzvah. 

We are in this together. Let’s create a stronger tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe this one act of kindness, my one mitzvah – will be so powerful that it will usher in an era of kindness. A time where we will all be infected with kindness. We will touch someone and infect them. We will then have to practice social closeness to spread the virus quicker!


Shabat Shalom and stay safe! 

Rabbi Mendy