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Rosh HaShanah – Getting High on the High Holidays


A group of Russian peasants are sitting in a bar, discussing how much they admire the Czar and what they would offer him to express the extent of their love. “If I would own a castle, I would gift it to Czar!” says Vladimir.

“Ha! That‘s the extent of your admiration? I would have given the castle and luxurious coach that I would’ve owned had I been a millionaire!” Exclaims Boris.

“Hey, what about those beautiful horses you ride? Would you give that to the Czar?” asks Vladimir.”My horses? The ones I actually own!” responds Boris, “I need them. I would never give those away!”

How often do we feel like Boris – brilliantly inspired to take action – but when theory becomes reality, unwilling to actually make the move?

Inspiration is a powerful energy that can change our lives. But, raw inspiration will never have any practical outcome. After all, inspiration demands immediate and radical change, something that is difficult to implement. So how do we do utilize inspirational moments for real change?

The solution is to immediately harness our inspiration to our execution skills. A good visionary is the one who teams up with a skilled manager. A vision that lacks an implementation plan stays a dream. It all starts with that little step. Step by step we turn a vision into a reality.

As we stand near the High Holidays, the high we experience can easily stay in the realm of a dream. The trick is to find ‘our little horse”, our first step. Yes, as we experience our inspiration the little step will seem insignificant. It’s normal for the inspiration to feel that way. That is exactly why we need to utilize that moment and introduce our execution skills. Immediately finding the small step that can channel our inspiration from the world of vision into the world of reality.

Recognizing the importance of one action will ultimately allow us to bring our personal dream into a reality.

Wishing you and your family a Shanah Tovah U’metukah!

Rabbi Mendy