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Parashat Ha’azinu – Even Greatness Requires Humility


In the opening lines of the song of Ha’azinu, Moshe declares,” The Mighty rock, His deeds are perfect, for all His ways are just.”

When we see things in the world that appear to be unjust, we may question Divine wisdom. Moshe, the greatest prophet to have ever lived, asked G-d to reveal to him the secret of Divine justice, but his request was denied.

Moshe’s devotion to G-d and his loyalty as a shepherd of His people during the forty years in the desert certainly earned him a reward. Yet, he only made one request for himself, to set foot on the soil of the promised land before he died, and his only request was denied.

With this background, we can now understand the context and faith that Moshe declared, “G-d is perfect, just and fair.”

Did Moshe understand why G-d was so unyielding? Obviously not, because otherwise, he would not have persisted in his efforts to have the decree revoked. Moshe’s statement was one of absolute faith and it was his acceptance of Divine judgment being perfect even though it defied his understanding.

As we leave the past year with its unprecedented challenges behind, we pray fervently and sincerely for Divine mercy and have faith to accept that G-d is perfect, fair, and just.

Tehel Shannah Ubirkhoteha.Let the new year and its blessings begin!

~Rabbi Shaul