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Parashat Lech Lecha – The Creator Needs Us

“Dad, why can’t you tell me the answer? I will score 100 and win the prize!” “Son, I’m gifting you the greatest prize. The feeling of owning something. When you are forced to think and come up with an answer, it becomes your answer, and you own it!“ When we receive something, we lack ownership. We lack […]

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Parashat Noah – A Conflicted Personality

“Noah entered the ark, because of the waters of the flood.” We see that he only reluctantly boarded the ark because he was forced to do so due to the rising water. Yet, he suffered years of ridicule while diligently building the ark and warning the population about the impending flood that would destroy the […]

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Parashat Bereshit – Let’s Keep the Joy Going

“Rabbi, I’ve been through so much, please teach me how to be happy?” “Go to Rabbi Zusha.” Upon entering the torn-apart shack, he was greeted by a joyous Rabbi Zusha, “Wow! We have guest, come sit down!” “Rabbi Zusha, you live in a torn-apart shack, you lack so many of life’s joys, how is it […]

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