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Parashat Bereshit – Let’s Keep the Joy Going


“Rabbi, I’ve been through so much, please teach me how to be happy?”

“Go to Rabbi Zusha.”

Upon entering the torn-apart shack, he was greeted by a joyous Rabbi Zusha, “Wow! We have guest, come sit down!”

“Rabbi Zusha, you live in a torn-apart shack, you lack so many of life’s joys, how is it that you are so joyful?“

“I don’t understand your question? Why shouldn’t I be joyous?”

Chocolate, flowers, and all of life’s treats are nice, but they can’t awaken Joy. Why? Because Joy is an attitude.

Those who are joyous don’t ask “what makes me joyous?” They ask, “what stops me from being joyous!” It is the pursuit of Joy that interrupts the flow of our joyous feelings.

Joy is the feeling of being complete with ourselves – recognizing our unique purpose, appreciating it, and celebrating it! The absence of Joy is felt when we are unproductive and purpose-less.

Joy is the key to breaking through any challenge. That’s why the Talmud says that Joy storms through any closed gates. It doesn’t open the gates. It storms the gates! Because with the right attitude, you don’t overcome a challenge, rather challenges cease to exist!

As we conclude the month of the holidays and festivities, let’s bring to the new year and day to day routine the incredible joy we celebrated, let’s not stop the inspiration and rejoicing.

The power of rejoicing contains the energy to secure every one of us with a great happy and healthy year!

Wishing you and your family a Shabat Shalom,

Rabbi Mendy