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Parashat Vayigash – Show Me The Way


“Mom, what is the purpose of a driver instructor, I’m smart enough to read up the information and drive on my own!”

“Sure. You have access to tons of information. But you have zero experience in driving. Besides your seven years old and reading the wrong information, we’re talking about driving a car, and you’re reading up on a bicycle!”

Life is not about collecting gigabytes of information. Life is about digesting applicable information and internalizing it.

We all are uniquely talented. No two fingerprints are alike. We drive different vehicles. We need to keenly understand our vehicle.

Instead of focusing on leather seats and sensors, we need to focus on the mileage and engine of our car.

That’s why once we appreciate who we are, and what’s our purpose; many issues disappear!

Yes. We need a driving instructor someone who has driven the road before. Who doesn’t only see the paved roads in the city, but, also the rocky mountains ahead? Someone who knows how to navigate through the windy roads. Someone who is familiar with the kind of gas our vehicle needs.

Just as every car comes with a model number. So too, every human comes with an instruction manual. Some people feel instructions limit their vehicle, in truth it empowers their vehicle!

The Torah is called, the book of instructions. The Mitzvot are not there to constrain us, rather to empower us. After all, it’s the creator’s manual!

We need to become aware of the unique features we possess. Mitzvot connect us with ourselves. They bring out our unique energy.

Wishing you and your family a Shabat Shalom,

Rabbi Mendy