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Parashat Beresheet


“In the beginning, G-d created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was barren and desolate.”

The next 6 days were spent making order out of chaos.

A basic question arises, why was the world created chaotic and then put in order? Why not create an orderly world from day one?

There are many insights that we can learn from this description of genesis. One is to teach us that without work and effort the underlying basic state of the world is one of disorder and turmoil. Man has a vital role to play in setting order to the world of mayhem and in creating a moral and just world of Divine order.

The rest of the book of Beresheet explores the struggle to bring righteousness and justice to the world without success until Abraham, with his single-minded love of humanity who devoted himself to this cause.

The Midrash, in its unique way, describes Abraham as having happened upon a magnificent palace that was engulfed in fire. Instead of searching for explanations or looking for assistance, he grabbed pails of water to put out the fire himself!

Abraham saw a beautiful world being torn apart by man’s corruption and devoted himself to bring order to G-d’s world.

G-d looked upon him and called him His beloved who would be the father of humanity and His partner in creation.

~Rabbi Shaul