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Finding purpose in life is like putting on glasses, it changes one’s vision on life as a whole. Everything is now seen with different lenses, with a deeper perspective.  

Purpose creates clarity; the hand and foot that once seemed like separate entities, are now clearly visible as parts of one person. 

Purpose unites the seemingly fragmented areas of our life; It infuses feelings into our actions. It allows us to recognize our limits, thus enabling us to appreciate the role of others. After all, the creator has put all of us into this world for a purpose. We all share in that purpose. 

Purpose is the magic glue that creates a healthy balance between body and soul. A lack of food will leave you hungry, by the same token, a lack of purpose can result in challenging mental health.

In America, everyone is seeking happiness, but few consider themselves happy. Happiness is not found in the food aisle, it’s in the purpose aisle! 

If we seek purpose, we may just discover happiness there for the taking!

Wishing you and your family Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Mendy