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Sweating is Healthy 


“Mom I’m thirsty,” baby duck complained. “My dear, I’ve pushed you to the tip of the pond, all you have to do is open your mouth! That part you’ll need to do on your own!”
Popcorn can pop without an ounce of sweat. Put it in the microwave and wait for a minute to pass. It’s done!
That’s good for popcorn, but it won’t work with a business plan! It won’t work with any life-related growth: because to facilitate change, we need to sweat!
Inspiration can motivate us for a while, but for something to last we need to sweat!
As the telling Talmudic proverb goes: If one toiled and achieved, believe them! If one did not toil and achieved, don’t believe them!
Sweating is the key to unleashing our extraordinary unique capabilities. Think of football – it’s all about practice, practice, practice.
We are all football players! You got knocked down? This is the work that will lead you to greatness! You’re on the way to becoming a great player!
Don’t just watch the game. Start practicing, you’re a player!
We play the game of Mitzvot’ We are the players!

Wishing you a Shabat Shalom

Rabbi Mendy