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Parashat Miketz – Free If Interested


The sign on the store read “Everything must go: FREE for those interested”

Jacob was overjoyed, as he stepped up to the checkout; he was shocked to see a bill.

“The sign says it’s for free?!”, he protested.

“Sir, it is free only for those that show interest. Those that are willing to pay to demonstrate that they’re interested…”

Genuine interest is the magic pill that cures us from many illnesses. We are not referring to one’s interest in results. Rather, one’s interest to invest.

Being interested in results can possibly stem from laziness. Demonstrating a willingness to invest is a solid sign of genuine interest.

Just as a monetary investment requires a moment of financial loss, similarly, a personal investment in growth requires a moment of letting go. We move beyond our comfort zones into unknown terrain.

Being interested in growth requires us to step away from that which is easy, allowing transformational ideas to seep into our consciousness.

The moment of acceptance – when we understand we need to invest – is the catalyst for change. The deep, subconscious, and genuine ideals surface and can develop into your reality.

Don’t get in the way, don’t limit your ideas with your perception of what is practical, take a seat as a student, and allow them to teach you.

One more thing: remember that most of those who scream “this is my nature” are mistakenly calling their current behavior as their nature; this is an excuse to avoid change. We all have an idealistic and sincere Mitzvah subconsciousness, though it may take effort to unleash it.

Be bold, and unleash that Mitzvah self. Change your life!


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Mendy