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Connecting – Parshat Vayechi


“We both clocked in on time every day, why was Josh the winner for the employee of the month award?”

“The award had nothing to do with clocking in on time. Shlepping to work is one thing, but loving your work that is worth the award.”


It’s not only about getting it done. It’s about connecting with what we do.

When we connect, there are no barriers; whether climbing a mountain or crossing an ocean, we will get it done. When we connect, we invest ourselves; when we feel we are a part of something bigger, we don’t tire.

When we connect, we transform a task into an experience! Connecting is digging deep into our soul and unleashing the powerful unstoppable drive we all have.For this reason, Mitzvot are called connectors. We don’t just practice them, we connect through them! When doing mitzvot, we connect ourselves with a Higher Power. We invest ourselves in something greater. We transform our lives from a tiring grind into a meaningful and joyful experience!


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Mendy Weitman