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Parashat Va’era – Are Winners Happy?


Your score came in at 93, you won second place!”

“WOW! I can’t believe it!!..YAY…”

“Your score is 96, you won first place!!”

“Are you sure it was only 96?! There must be a mistake! I should’ve gotten a 100!!” the disappointed contestant responded…

Contrary to common belief, achieving is not the primary ingredient to happiness.

Recognizing a talent as a gift, and cultivating an attitude of working hard with a deep sense of gratitude, is the key to happiness!

Two contestants. Both worked hard. But the one with a sense of gratitude for their achievements was the happy one.

The one who cultivated a mindset of “WOW I’m so lucky that I’m able to create this” is able to tap into the “Happy Energy” of success, which in turn breeds further success!

How we experience our success is the key to how we face future challenges.

You see, feeling “lucky” and appreciating the blessing, is an amazing feeling. “Wow, I can’t believe this happened to me.” Gratitude replaces entitlement, empowering and enabling us to overcome challenges and strive ahead.

Wait a second, you may be asking, challenges? You mean the bumps on the road? They seem to be so daunting, they seem to diminish our happiness!

Yet, when we don’t have expectations, they seem normal. Why call it a challenge? They’re a part of the maze we are navigating. When we don’t feel entitled to smooth sailing, the winds and stormy skies won’t faze us.

Once we recognize that our talents are gifts and not a given, we cease to get caught up within ourselves. We don’t expect an easy road, and we have a higher dose of energy. We are happy.

Indeed, is there anything that stands in the way of a happy person!?

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Mendy