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Lawmakers Vs. Lawbreakers


“Doctor, you’re a world renowned expert in oncology, how is it that you are smoking?”

“You’re right that smoking is unhealthy, but it’s all relative. Genetically, I have very strong and healthy lungs. Having a few cigarettes won’t do me any harm.”

We can be experts in our field, but possessing expert information doesn’t guarantee that the information will penetrate and impact our behavior! We are subjective beings, and we naturally rationalize our behavior.

We are human. We can justify anything. The information at our disposal does not always influence the way we behave. We rationalize and come up with great excuses! Indeed, it is too often that laws that are voted in by lawmakers, aren’t necessarily for the good of the people, but for the good of the lawmakers…

That’s why the creator gifted us Mitzvot. A set of objective disciplines that aren’t tainted with our subjective view. They are the Creator’s manual, and are the most effective and true guidelines to navigate this world.

The founding fathers of this country learned a lot from the Torah. We can do the same! Why not try it out? Surely, it will infiltrate and positively influence the way we run our businesses, our personal behavior, and unlock a life in tune with our inner core.


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Mendy