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Nuclear bomb?


“What’s more powerful than a nuclear bomb?

“Cyber warfare”

“Perhaps. But, students, what would be far more powerful then both cyber and nuclear warfare?”

“Planting a bug or virus into the enemy’s intelligence. You can tweak an enemy’s perspective. You can change the way they think. You can control the narrative, information, and opinion of reality! That would be more powerful than a nuclear bomb! You can then program your enemy to destroy themselves, or even better, to convert to an ally!”

Battle plans lack 100 percent accuracy because we can never fully anticipate every move of our enemy.

But imagine if we were able to invade the intelligence of an enemy! To not just penetrate but reprogram their battle plan! That’s a commander’s dream come true!

Many people seek spirituality. Some sing songs. Some meditate. It’s tough guessing as an outsider.

We need an insider’s insight!

Guess what! Learning G-d’s Torah is gaining a spiritual perspective. It’s G-d intelligence! There’s no need for guessing! You’re an insider! You’ve accessed spirituality itself!

This is why many revolutionary ideas that benefited mankind are rooted in the Torah!

That’s right! Learning Torah has had, and still has, a real impact. And it affects real change!

Talmud is the original. The ultimate foundation of wisdom. The place where King Ptolemy and the Greek philosophers went to search for wisdom. Don’t dilute it. Get it organic. You never know where those brain waves will take you!


Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Mendy