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Aristotle the Human


“You, of all people! How can you do such a thing?!” Aristotle’s students exclaimed in surprise.

They were appalled. Their beloved and knowledgeable teacher was caught in the act.

“Dear students, you know me as Aristotle the Great. Now, I’m Aristotle the Human…”


A rich man is not one who thinks of a great idea, rather one who successfully executes the great idea.

Education is no different.

It’s not only about the grade we get on an assignment. It’s about the grade we get in our behavior.

Sometimes we’re over focused on the grades and forget about the behavior.

The educational system ought to introduce “a moment of reflection”, when students bring the books to life!


A simple exercise would be having the students reflect for a moment on why a value system is important. The class discussion that follows would be the ultimate educational experience!

The “what” can be taught, but ultimately, students need to digest the “why”.

Only reflection can bring one to change.

One moment of reflection is worth more than hundreds of hours of lectures.

One moment of reflection costs less than hundreds of police officers.

One moment can change lives!


Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Mendy