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Parashat Naso


In the Psalm which is read on Shabbat, King David wrote, “How great are Your works, O Lord.”


On the day on which we are free from our mundane activities and can appreciate the greatness of G-d’s universe, we contemplate the marvelous sophistication of the natural world.


Even the most sophisticated of computers that can process complicated calculations in a fraction of a second is nothing more than a simple toy in comparison with the central nervous system of any living thing, let alone the human brain. The brain is comprised of more than 14 billion units, all intrinsically interconnected, to convey multiple messages simultaneously to one another at unimaginable rates of speed. The brain also stores far more information than a warehouse full of computers, furthermore, it can be creative and generate new ideas, while a computer can only do what it has been programmed to do.


Even the information storage system used by nature, our DNA, is incredibly more efficient than anything man can imagine. In fact, all the information found on the entire internet, if stored using the DNA system would take up the volume of a human thumb and not need warehouses full of computers.


A famous scientist who studied the growth and development of the human brain remarked, “As I stared through the microscope at the single cell fertilized human egg, I realized that this infinitesimally tiny bit of matter could compose the masterpieces of Beethoven and Michelangelo, I was overcome with awe. Nothing would be added to this cell other than the nutrients it would receive. It is absurd that it has within itself the potential to achieve such greatness. Neither the cell nor its nutrients could make such a giant leap on their own. The only logical conclusion is that some external power instills this intelligence within this bit of Proto plasm. It was at that moment that I came to know G-d.”