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Water the Seeds


“This tree is going to bear luscious and mouth-watering apples. The other is going to bear rotten and dried out apples”.


“But, dad, they both look alike. I don’t even see any fruit! How are you so confident which one will give birth to the delicious fruit?


“My dear son, my confidence is not based on the fruit. I’m confident because I can see the trees from which the fruit will come from. You see, the first tree was planted on fertile soil, fertilized, and well watered! The other one, well, suffice it to say that “the seed was accidentally dropped and left for mother nature to nurture it!”.



The oft repeated expression of “they still have time, they’re only children,” is essentially sentencing our children to the fate of wild mushrooms.


It is so easy to get distracted and push off the time we need to spend with our children. (I’m talking to myself here…) But, we need to remind ourselves that in today’s world more than ever,  children need constant nurturing. If we want our precious sapling to grow into a healthy and productive apple tree, we need to take the time and effort to nurture it. And that starts from the moment a child is born.


It’s interesting to note that the Torah compares man to a tree. This comparison highlights the importance of watering and nurturing the tree – to ensure its health and growth.


Our children’s education is of the utmost importance – in the present moment!  Summer time, is a great opportunity to nourish and spend quality time with our children, let’s use this time wisely to bond and give them love ensuring a healthy and meaningful  growth .


May we all share only Nachat and happiness  from our children!


Shabbat Shalom


Rabbi Mendy