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Dad, It’s Not For Me


A well-known Jewish professor, New York Times bestselling author, and acclaimed communal activist was terribly broken when he realized that his son had no interest in any of his activities.

He recounts in his book how he finally turned to his son and expressed his anguish, “Son, does my hard work leave no impression on you?”

The son responded, “Dad, what hard work? You grew up with it; it was always your hobby – and it never became mine.”


How can we truly impress upon our children that the Values we live for are more than mere hobbies?

The answer lies in our sacrifice for these values; whether we impart to our children that the principles we live by are non negotiable.

In America, everything is for sale at the right price – but not the Jewish legacy. We can’t sell who we are, it’s part of our identity – like fish in water!

But how can we convey this message? What will ensure our children to see that being Jewish is an identity?

Perhaps the answer lies in the way we demonstrate our commitment. When we show that we are there for our Judaism no matter what. When we take even one mitzvah and show our children that it’s not up for sale. They get the message, and they realize there is something called values!

Whether the mitzah is putting tefillin on every day, giving tzedakah daily, or lighting shabbat candles – let’s do it with commitment. Choose one mitzvah, and keep it at all costs. If it is tefillin, for example, take it with you on vacation and make that extra effort to demonstrate your commitment to the preciousness of Judaism.

This is what will uphold Jewish continuity!


Don’t let your Judaism become a “hobby” – live it!


Shabbat shalom

R. Mendy