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Parashat Hayei Sarah


One of the most fundamental concepts in Judaism is encapsulated by King David in his book of psalms.

“You open up Your hand and satisfy all living things with will.”

This verse that we say numerous times daily is usually understood to mean that G-d provides for all living things, satisfying their wills and desires.

Another interpretation is that G-d provides all living things with will, with desire, so that all living things should have desire.

Just as we must be thankful for the food that G-d provides us, so must we be grateful for the sensation of hunger which motivates us to feed our bodies the necessary nutrients to live.

This concept applies to wants and desires of all kinds. Indeed, what would a person do if all his wants were already fulfilled? Since the feeling of need causes us to act, satisfying all of one’s needs would essentially mean an end to life itself.

Therefore, we have to pause a moment and ask, when we wish upon a person, “May all your wishes come true,” perhaps is not a big a blessing like we think!