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Actions Express Concern


Have you ever thought about the deep love that parents have for their children? Why is it that parents love their children far more deeply than children love their parents?

The answer is quite simple.

Parents express their love by giving. Parents invest in their children. Parent’s give all they got for the sake of their child’s development and ultimate wellbeing. Whereas, a child merely accepts the parent’s giving. When we invest in something or someone, we internalize a special connection, wherein the relationship truly becomes ours and we cannot bear to part from it.

Every relationship in life is challenged by the dichotomy of the give and take, the former an act of investing, the latter an act of receiving. But it is only through giving, dedication and nurturing – that a relationship is deepened, and guaranteed to blossom and last.

The oft-heard claim in marriages that “there’s nothing more in it for me” reflects the aforementioned immaturity of the child who has merely taken; when one only is filling a need, the relationship is certain to reach an eventual end.

The moment where investment begins – going out of our way for someone even when there is nothing in it for me – that’s the moment a loving relationship is born!

Our relationship with G-d is the same. Moments where we invest and do Mitzvot – actions that express our deep concern for G-d’s world and G-d’s creation, those are the moments where we internalize our relationship and forge a loving and purposeful relationship with G-d!

Mitzvot are connectors to G-d. Grab a mitzvah! Let the mitzvah take you to new heights!


Wishing you and your family a Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Mendy