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Parashat Teruma


“Let them build for Me a sanctuary, and I will rest amongst them.”

The purpose of the sanctuary, as described in our parasha, was for the Divine presence to rest within Israel. However, our sages comment that the Torah does not say, “Build a sanctuary and I will dwell within ‘it’” referring to the sanctuary, but instead, “I will dwell within ‘them’” referring to within each and every individual. The sanctuary was the means to facilitate the bringing of the Divine presence to every individual.

Therefore, how does a person merit this type of relationship?

Our tradition tells us that even though a spiritual life is not found when one is seeking or anticipating a reward, one tiny bit of sincere selfless devotion should be within the capacity of every individual. As the Talmud states, “A person who gives charity for the sake of someone who is sick, and not for pure intentions, to help the recipient of his charity, is still considered to be righteous.”

Even if one hopes that by the merit of his good deeds, he will still be granted a particular personal request, his good deed is considered to be sincere. All that is required from a person is that he initiates a relationship with G-d, as it says, “Give Me an opening as big as the eye of a needle and I will broaden it like the gates of a great palace.”


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Shaul