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Do Leaders Have A Job?


Leadership is a service, not a position.

The mystical masters teach that it is in the absence of oneself – not the indulgence of oneself – where the greatest satisfaction is found.

How does that make any sense, you ask?

Consider the following thought experiment: When an “A+ student” comes home with another “100” on their test it’s beautiful – a great achievement. However, for that particular student, it’s just another rung in their ladder of predictable achievements.

Did anything revolutionary happen?

But what about when the “A+ student” comes home saying they found time to help another student get a “100”? The student has now learned the value of others. The student has connected to something outside of himself, revolutionizing his sense of self.

Life, energy, and growth are found in the moments that we let go of ourselves.

When we allow ourselves to be absent, we find our true presence. Stretching ourselves beyond our limits and outside our comfort zones is where and when we discover life!

Mitzvot are the tools that do just that. Every Mitzvah elevates us, connecting and propelling us to someplace and something beyond ourselves.



Growth is about being selfless. Connecting to a higher purpose and letting go of our self-interests deepens and enhances our personal journey. Every mitzvah is a step on that path!


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Mendy