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Parashat Aharei Mot-Kedoshim

I am G-d who rests amongst them, even amidst their failings” This description of G-ds commitment to humanity means that no one can say, ‘I am too far gone to live a moral and spiritual life.” Regardless of how far a person may have strayed, regardless of how much a person may have rejected his […]

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I am opened minded

A businessman is riding the train when an individual dressed in what seemed like traditional Chassidic garb sits down next to him.  Observing his seatmate, the businessman blurts out: “Sir, honestly, we live in a modern world – why do you insist on dressing in such an old-fashioned way?  Times have changed…why are you so […]

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Parashat Shemini

Our sages, expounding on the ritual laws listed in our Parashah, explain that only something of value can become ritually unclean. With this foundation we can understand why earthen vessels made of clay can only be rendered unclean from its contents and not from its exterior. Earth has no intrinsic value, the value of an […]

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