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In receiving of the Torah, the nation had to overcome many challenges, as our sages have said, “All new beginnings are difficult.”

We are all creatures of habit. Learning something new may take effort, but once we make something a part of our routine, it becomes not only effortless, but automatic. When a child first learns to walk, it requires conscious effort, but a short while later walking takes no thought at all.

Whenever we begin something new, we are, by definition, initiating some new type of behavior. We naturally tend to return to the old, effortless pattern. If the new behavior holds promises of significant gain, such as a new job, business or a new relationship, the anticipation of the reward overcomes the resistance to change, and we make the effort to create new habits.

A life worth living is one of growth and progress. Just as we all put in the effort to learn to take our first steps, we must continue to embrace the difficulties necessary to maximize our spiritual and material potential, because without difficulties, we will not experience any new beginnings.