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At our core, we are very much the same.


A world famous lecturer is introduced with a long list of accolades and accomplishments, replete with terms such as “legendary” and “prestigious”. As he walks out of the hall, you can almost hear the incredible respect and veneration the crowd shows for him.

But then, as he enters his home, he’s met with words that are familiar to every father: “Dad, can you please change the baby’s diaper?”


Indeed, our titles may distinguish us, but when we strip them away, we all face the same human challenges, and navigate the same tumultuous lives. Yes, at our core, we are very much the same.

This is reflected in the Jewish approach to our history. While we have been bestowed with glorious titles, hailed as a strong and proud people, and tasked with being a light unto the nations, we always harken back to our humble beginnings. Each day in our prayers, we remember our time as slaves. In doing so, we retain our sensitivity and focus.

Let us remember this important message: We must transcend our titles and tap into who we are at our core.

True freedom begins with the liberation from our rigid titles and reputations, which in turn, opens the door to an honest awareness of our humanity and the inner strength we possess to face life’s challenges and grow from each one.

Takeaway: If we peel away the externals, our internal strength and shared struggles unite us beyond imagination.


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Mendy