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Celebrating Real Independence


“The jungle has become a terrible place, we need to bring peace!” announced the lion at the animal assembly. “I’ll be the first to confess that this past week I killed a cow – and not even for food but purely for fun…”

“Look, you must have been in a bad mood,” replied one of the animals, “we can understand that…”

Taking cue from the lion, the bear stepped forward:

“I severely injured some young cattle, simply because they were hanging around our den.”

“That’s okay,” was the general response, “after all, it’s your property; you have the right to protect it.”

Then the sheep spoke up: “I accidentally ruined my neighbor’s property while fleeing from the wolf….”

“Disastrous!” hollered the bear.

“Terrible!” roared the lion. And with that, he lunged at the sheep….


A jungle is a jungle. You can’t change the rules.

The lion can talk peace. The jungle animals can create an assembly of “peacekeepers”. They can even host a designated center for peace committees to convene.  But at the end of the day, it’s “jungle peace”.

For thousands of years, since the destruction of the Temple, the land of Israel has had foreign occupiers.  Although it was rightfully returned to the Jewish people, nations have continued to declare war and attempt to steal it again…and that’s somehow okay. Thousands can be killed in terrorism attacks…and that’s okay. Neighboring countries can slaughter their own citizens…and, well, that’s none of our business.  But the Jewish nation’s acts of self defense are decried as “war crimes” and “obstacles to peace”!?

You see, in the jungle, it’s not about rights. It’s about attitude. If you behave like a sheep – insecure and unconfident – well then, you’re treated like a sheep.

It’s time to stop being apologetic. If we change the way we look at ourselves, we can change the way others perceive us!

It’s time for the Jewish people to celebrate real independence, by making decisions based on our identity, not based on what others thinks of us! We need to rip away that crippling, self destructive feeling of “What will the world say?”

It’s time for the world to ask “What will the Jews say!?”

We must speak, breathe and behave like Jews! We have an unbroken chain that links us to Sinai! We must be proud Jews, independent of any and all outside influence!


Am Yisrael Chai!

Rabbi Mendy