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Let’s celebrate our Judaism


I’m not moved by the crocodile tears of the world. I’m moved to tears by the beautiful scenes of Jews embracing Jews! By a people who’ve faced a tragedy, but summon the resolve to continue to dance!

By our dear soldiers who sacrifice everything with such deep love to protect their fellow Jews!

By the scenes of Jews, from all walks of life, expressing our unique identity as one family!

By the countless volunteers who flew in to Israel to help.

By Hatzalah who is working day and night. By the Zakah volunteers who have seen things we should never see, and are demonstrating the sensitivity to a Jewish body that the Torah demands!

By the countless Jewish organizations that stopped using the term right and left, and focused on the word Jew. We have finally broken through the artificial barriers that divided us.


As a smart man once said, he learned from Hitler that Jews have no labels. We are the same Jew in their eyes. And we’re the same Jew in our eyes. Period.

We all come from Sinai. We are all targeted because of Sinai. Because we are Jews.

That is why in Israel, all Jews are celebrating their Judaism. The stores are out of Mezuzzot. Because the army bases, and countless homes are buying them up.

People are putting on tefillin, lighting shabbat candles, the mitzvot that we are hated for is what we are strengthening each other with!

Let’s celebrate our Judaism here in NY together! Let’s wrap up! Light up! Spread a mitzvah!

And may God see his children together and smite the enemies once and for all!


Rabbi Mendy