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The Bold Jew


A battlefield isn’t won by how many soldiers are fighting. It’s more about the quality of the soldiers. The motivation of the soldiers.

Our soldiers know that its not only their country they represent. And they don’t only have their immediate family praying for them, they have millions of uncles and aunts praying for them. They literally have the hearts and minds of the millions of Jewish people with them.

Whether it be Jews from Australia, Paris or South Africa, they are all praying for the success of our soldiers. It’s mind boggling how the Jewish people are literally one family. Whoever you meet, they feel it in their blood. They are fighting. We are fighting. Jews all of over the world are adding Mitzvot in the merit of the soldiers. The soldiers know it, acknowledge it, and appreciate it – as seen in the many videos surfacing social media. This is the Jewish nation!

This kind of unity doesn’t exist anywhere else. Those who are demonstrating against Israel don’t really care about casualties. If they really cared about casualties, why didn’t they demonstrate when Asad killed hundreds of thousands of civilians!? Why didn’t the Frenchman rush to denounce and protest the butchering of children in Syria? Why didn’t the Americans do anything?

They are demonstrating against the new bold Jew that has popped up. The sad reality is that the world is much more comfortable with the scared Jew. The one who cries for sympathy. The one who cares deeply what the world says about them. The world is uncomfortable with the “I don’t care what you say” Jew. The Jew who cares more about safeguarding their brothers and sisters than about the opinion of some French statesman.

The Jewish people don’t kill civilians. We all know it. The world knows it. The world is playing a game of distraction with us. They try their best to keep us from our mission. They want us to make videos proving our innocence. They want us to be on the defense. They love the apologetic Jew.

But we are smarter. We ignore them. And that’s what terrifies them.

We are here today, and our message is that we won’t stop being the bold Jew!

Yes. We put on tefillin and we pray. We are proud Jews. We know that every mitzvah we do strengthens us as whole. We will continue to pray and support our brothers and sisters.

Let us hope that this brotherly love will be bring the miracles we need and that we see our brothers and sisters return safely! May this usher in the ultimate moment when there will be no more war and no more evil, with the coming of Mashiach!



Wishing you and your family a Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Mendy