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What Do You Care About?


In an interesting discussion in the Talmud, the sages relate several potential arguments that a maidservant may raise with regards to her wages in a court of law.  But in truth – challenges the Talmud – how would a simple servant possibly initiate such sophisticated lines of reasoning?

In resolution, the sages conclude that notwithstanding her lack of education, because the maidservant cares about her money, she will successfully formulate the most effective tactics to prove her case.

Indeed, what we think might be unattainable or too difficult, when we care, becomes possible and achievable.  Caring is the currency for success, the bedrock for Jewish continuity.

Perhaps this is the answer to the annual new year resolution syndrome. We wonder what we can take on that will make a difference. How can we really make a change this year?

Let’s add a dose of genuine dedication to our everyday lives. When we focus on caring, everything else falls into place. Let’s rededicate ourselves to what’s important. A little caring makes all the difference!

Takeaway: Take a moment to reflect on what you truly care about, and ask yourself: What am I doing to keep those ideals in place?

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Mendy