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Parashat Tesaveh


“You shall make a forehead plate of pure gold, and it shall be on Aron’s forehead.”

Each one of the garments worn by the high priest symbolized G-d’s forgiveness for various failures, and the forehead plate symbolized forgiveness for chutzpah.

Maimonides writes that every character trait can be used both constructively and negatively depending on how it is applied. Arrogance, laziness, selfishness, miserliness, and all other seemingly negative traits all have a time and place when they should be applied.

In fact, the Baal Shemtov taught that if a person recognizes his undesirable traits, he should apply them and direct them towards constructive channels.

As the Talmud states, a person with a fascination towards blood should be a Mohel or surgeon. A person easily angered should direct this emotion towards the injustices done against the weak and defenseless in our society.

Chutzpah is an important part of being a proud Jew in a world where antisemitism is widespread.

In an environment of anti-Jewish sentiment, it is the chutzpah of the Jewish people that enables us to maintain our identity and pride.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Shaul