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Parashat Tahor


The owner of an unclean house is allowed to remove all of his belongings before the house and everything in it are condemned by the Cohen.

Our sages say that an affliction in a house would occur to an owner who refused to share his assets with those in need, who when asked to lend something would say, “I do not own the thing you need.”  Then he would have to take out all his belongings from his house, and he would suffer public embarrassment by revealing that he really did own those items.

The Talmud is very harsh with someone who feigns ignorance, illness or poverty in order to shirk responsibility or exploit others. “One who pretends he is lame to collect charity will not leave this world until he actually becomes lame. One who pretend to be poor will not leave this world until he is actually poor”. Transgressions between man and G-d may be a private affair, however, if one harms others through lying or deceit he may be assured that these will be exposed, and he will suffer public humiliation.

The Talmud states that the first question that is asked of a person on his appearance before the heavenly court is, “Did you transact with others in good faith?”

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Shaul