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If we teach respect, we will find love!


“Children, Mom just called and asked that we stop at the local supermarket.”

“But, Dad, isn’t that out of our way?”

“That’s right! And it’s a perfect opportunity to show Mom how much we love her! Children: Love is when you go out of your way for someone, not when you get your way through someone”.


Is it I love you. Or I love you

Is it a capital I. Or a capital U.


That’s the difference between selfishness and love.

You’re not in the mood. You don’t feel like giving of yourself. But it’s precisely then that is a perfect time to demonstrate your love.

A love that is a by-product of our personal quest is called selfishness! It’s temperamental and temporary. It’s fleeting and forever subject to flutter away as our needs and wants change.

Children need to experience a raw and wholesome love. A connection so deep that it reaches beyond our state of mind or heart, it reaches our core being. An unconditional love born out of commitment and respect.

As the Talmud teaches: A marriage is the combination of two halves; each is incomplete without one another.

Such a love comes as a by-product of respect and admiration.

If we fall in love, we can fall out. But a love found is a love that will last.

If we teach respect, we will find love!


Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Mendy