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A PHD Won’t Do it


“He doesn’t have a PHD; he’s a college drop-out. Why would you pick him for the job?”


“Because he’s got a ton of experience! His name is Steve Jobs.”


Teaching information is not what it’s all about. Children (even as old as college students) don’t understand the value of money until they have to pay bills.

Medical students need to experience being in the field for a number of years before they qualify to become doctors. The teaching of morals and values is no different. We need real-life training to internalize these ideals.

It’s about time we implemented real-life exercises so students can practice, not just study.

Morals are a tough sell for children who live a self-centered life. How about giving children a taste of a selfless act; a taste of putting a smile on a stranger’s face.

Ask your children’s teacher to implement a bi-weekly visit to a local senior center and have the children sing a song, read a poem, or share a story. Encourage the children to be creative. Allow the seniors to share some important life lessons.

Only selflessness will breed a life commitment to unshakable values!

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Mendy